Wednesday, March 31, 2010

just finished this
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Exhibit B

"If the fabled Brooklyn music scene does exist, we're definitely not part of it. Most of those bands are never going to be discovered by anyone because they're too insular and weird. Although there are very cool things happening in those makeshift clubs in Bushwick, they have nothing to do with us."

-- MGMT's Ben Goldwasser probably won't show up to that Woods gig at your friend's loft. (via BlackBook)


i'm here

much backing to be done this weekend! carrot cupcakes, glazed lemon cakes and chocolate layer crumb bars!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Exhibit A

Bandmember Andrew Van Wyngarden says:
"We've recently been offered support slots with a ton of big bands. Really huge, enormous, big bands - Like Lady GaGa and U2 and Coldplay and Foo Fighters. And we turned them all down. We really didn't want to do any of that. I think on some level Congratulations is a reaction to the success of the first one. I mean, of course we were happy and felt lucky that stuff happened, but it wasn't really what we were shooting for. I think a lot of people misinterpreted and misunderstood what we were about."

Ben Martin Goldwasser agrees:
"Well, we really do feel like we were blown out of proportion by everybody. We don't feel like pop stars, we feel like a rock band. We don't want to play arenas. It's not our mission."

cool so he lost weight, cut his hair and bought some hipster glasses. douche.

andrew wilson is slowly inching out as my favorite wilson brother...

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on the way to work

i was welling up with tears

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i wish popular musicians were still this cool.

coney island

Monday, March 1, 2010

Carl’s friend Meredith came to stay with us. She’s never been to new York so we did a lot of tourist things that Carl and I really haven’t taken advantage of. It was nice walking through central park in the snow.