Wednesday, December 30, 2009

xmas present to myself

i received some pretty amaxing xmas gifts this year.
first, there’s the beet box which includes season five of the office, a beet stress ball, a mouse pad, magnet and door hanger as well as a “schrute farms beets” tee.

i got this book by walter benjamin that looks to be way out of my league but i'm going to give it a shot.

i also got a super sweet fuji instax camera!!!!!!!! and here are the photos i took while out in Missouri. i forgot to bring more film that carl got me so there are only a few.

and finally, my morning jacket - it still moves and the ramones album i've been wanting both on vinyl. i also made some other additions to our record collection while out in the show me state: bob dylan - bringing it all back home, marianne faithfull - as tears go by, talking heads - little creatures and the b52s - wild planet. all in all a great gift exchange.

carl wrapped my presents in painted tin foil and i wrapped his in dwight schrute.

Friday, December 18, 2009

eff you see kay

the following posts are my attempt to be more proactive and get some of my more "commercial" photographs "out there"...wherever "there" may be.
the first two posts are from mercury lounge tuesday, december 15th.
neon indian and MNDR played. someone else too but we got there too late.

the next post is the beets at the brooklyn museum and i didnt stick around for grass widow or vivian girls because we had seen them the night before.

the posts that follow are from november 6th and 7th at the market hotel.
small black, the bitters and pictureplane.

enjoy. or don't.
i don't care.

if you are in these bands WHY DON'T YOU PUT THESE PHOTOS SOMEWHERE?!?!?!
be sure to put my name somewhere too!

oh yeah and sweeeeet links: HOPEFULLY MORE TO COME
(I am directing this to you MNDR!)